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This is the page to showcase your classroom efforts and teacher/teacher-librarian collaborative projects. Please share the links to your projects, as well as your successes, frustrations, and reflections if so inclined. If we all continue to post our assignments, inquiry projects, and technology projects in this space, we will begin to build an amazing resource for ourselves and one another. The 21st century notion of collaboration has many benefits when colleagues work together towards THE goal: Increasing student achievement. If you would like to add links to the actual online-tools you used, add them to the Web 2.0 page as well!

I will begin the collaborative efforts by sharing what I have created through my Masters program.

Web 2.0 Personal and Professional Learning A link to my blog, a place where I put everything I create or write that I would like to share. **Remember - people can comment on your blog, but they cannot add or edit information.

Honey Bee Wiki I created with Mrs. Mudry's Class using Wikispaces.

Betsy Lewin Wiki A wiki I created using Wikispaces for a Children's Illustrator assignment. Lewin is the author of many children's books, Click, Clack, Moo . . . Cows That Type written by Doreen Cronin is one of the books that features Lewin's illustrations. This project would fulfil many learning outcomes - language arts, fine arts, and information literacy.

Where The Wild Things Are book trailer I made using Animoto.

The Old Apartment Voicethread I created for family.

An e-Portfolio I created for one of my classes using WordPress - another online tool for sharing information.

Some Examples of Word Clouds using Wordle and Word It Out.
21st_cent_learn_word_cloud.png learning_wordle.jpg

My Flickr homepage

Research Guides & Templates - School District of New Berlin, WI