A Vision of 21st Century Learning for Haldane Elementary School

Welcome to the 21st Century Learning Wiki created for Haldane Elementary. I have created this collaborative workspace as a forum to develop and share my vision of 21st Century Learning and my role as a 21st Century Teacher-Librarian. Preparing our students for the future is a challenging, yet rewarding role that will enable our students to be successful and make positive contributions to their school, community and globally.

With the explosion of information and digital technologies in the last decade, our students need to be taught the skills and strategies to find, analyze, select, evaluate, create and share information in local and global contexts. Research is showing us that students do learn differently today (Dr. B.D. Perry, Baylor College of Medicine) based on the fact that children are exposed to and users of computers, gaming technologies, and personal digital devices (laptops, netbooks, iPads, smart phones, mp3 players).

Like it or not, our students are connected - iPods, mp3 players, smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, and E-Readers are only a modest list of devices consuming the time of children, teens and adults. Whether we, as educators, appreciate these digital devices and Web 2.0 collaborative tools (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, etc.) or not, they will continue to be apart of this "Net Generation" and generations to come. As Doug Johnson, a leader in technology and education, states, in his Blue Skunk Blog, "These horses are gone, boys and girls, and there's no putting them back in the barn. Get over it. Figure out ways to saddle the horse and ride it." (November 2009)